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Aitiqa dovaao BavaÁ

K.R. Mangalam World School, Vikas Puri, organized pre-primary assembly of class Pre-Primary Jupiter on

26 July 2017. The topic of the assembly was “Aitiqa dovaao BavaÁ”. The assembly was based on the guests coming to our country are esteemed guest of honour and how the guides serve them with utmost respect and dignity.

The guides showed them the three states of India: Punjab, Rajasthan and Goa. Punjab, which is one of the most important agricultural state, Rajasthan, which is a tourist hub and Goa which is the most happening destination of India.

The assembly commenced in a rhythmic way, where the singing stars of K.R. Mangalam World School sang a beautiful song to welcome the guests, “Swagatam swagatam”.

The song was followed by a skit in which the children showcased how when a few foreigners visit India they are served with respect and humility and all of them enjoyed their visit and want to come again and again. The whole show was portrayed confidently and with zeal.

It was a value based assembly which conveyed the message of treating guests as Gods in our country India.

Special Assembly







The famous saying of Ralph Walde Emerson ”Earth laughs in flowers” comes true with Mughal gardens. Mughal gardens are the few number of gardens built by the Mughals in the Islamic style of architecture in India. The Rashtrapati Mughal Garden is situated at the backside of the Rashtrapati Bhavan and open to public in February and March every year and so K.R. Mangalam world school, Paschim vihar organised a “Day out “ to Mughal Garden on 12th Feb. 2016 for the Pre- school,Pre – Primary and class 1 students to mark the onset of spring season and to enjoy the flora of the garden .It is comprising trees, bushes, vines and seasonal flowers. The flower beds were a treat for the eyes. Roses were central to the fame of Mughal Gardens .

The fragrance in the air and its freshness was captivating .The children even visited the Herbal Garden ,Bonsai Garden ,Spiritual garden and Bio-diversity Park within the Estate. It was really a beautiful garden with breathtaking surroundings. The musical fountains also add to the beauty.

After the enthralling experience children were taken to the India gate where they played in the surrounding play ground and enjoyed their lunch in the parks of green grass.

The children were really happy after this trip and the happiness was clearly visible on their faces. They came back with lots of sweet memories.




On 21 December’15, Nukkad Natak competition was held in K. R. Mangalam World School, Paschim Vihar.

All the houses choose themes apt and relevant to the present day times.

The hard work of teachers as well as the students was reflected in the performances. All the students gave very expressive and eloquent renditions. The participants seemed to enjoy their performances. Beats of dholki, dhapli, jingles, dupatte, loud throats, aggression and last but not the least the humor, stunned the audience.

Each natak put forward many questions, few answers and most importantly a message that was delivered by every Natak.

 The audience also gained a lot from touching and symbolic issues taken by the houses. The judges applauded all the participants and were impressed by innovative and sensitive presentations by the young children.

Finally, Ruby house was declared first followed by Sapphire which stood second.

Inter- House Nukkad Natak Competition


Fun Day 2015 on the occasion of Diwali

School days are an important part of student’s educational life at any level , as these activities away from the routine of school work make them happy and make their learning more fruitful. Keeping the above thought in mind , K. R. Mangalam World School Paschim Vihar organized a Fun-Day on 5 November 2015 for all the kids to mark the most auspicious days i.e. Diwali festival and Children’s Day.  Also to enforce them with the rich Indian culture and heritage as well as make their childhood most memorable  through such enthusiastic events. As both the events give immense joy to our kids, the ‘Fun Day’ truly justified the occasion.

The entire school was decorated with various beautiful items wall hangings like Diyas Lantern , Bandhanwar etc. The school was converted into a field of fun-filled ground. The classrooms basement and playground had become the venues of different game stalls like – Hit and Win , Lucky Dip, Super Sixes, a ‘Statue Dance’ game and musical chairs etc.

The children flocked incessantly to the game section to try their luck and displayed their skills at various stalls.

The most awaited event was the Magic show which added a spark to the day. Children were enthralled to see various presentations and mystifying illusion through the art of magic which truly fascinated little Mangalities.

Towards the end of day one could see the sparks of joy in their little eyes and a pride for winning the game. It was truly a fun-filled day to be cherished for a long time.



K.R. Mangalam World School acknowledges each child’s hidden talent and therefore provides an opportunity to exhibit his or her talent even in the field of Art and creativity . Here, from Pre-school class itself a child’s interest is groomed through various creative activities like drawing, colouring paper tearing and pasting , thumb and vegetable printing etc. To their interest, the school has also organized an ‘Art Club’ for the students which they attend joyously and learn to make different articles like – doll and flowers, wall hanging etc. Beside this a pottery class is conducted every week which fascinates them when they see their own creativity made out of clay such as – pots , diyas etc.

Therefore on 7 Nov 2015, an Art Exhibition was put up within the school premises. The parents of pre-school, pre-primary and class-I were invited to see the marvelous work of the little Mangalites who showcased their artistic skills and amazed every one. The presence of their parents not only filled each little heart with joy but also motivated to move further with more zeal and confidence. It was indeed worth praising and a source of encouragement for one and all.